Vision Rehabilitation Services

Vision rehabilitation counseling is a wide array of services that provide recommendations for low vision devices and resources for individuals to maintain independence in their home environment. Vision rehabilitation incorporates strategies that strengthen employment opportunities, independent living, and educational development.

The rehabilitation process is uniquely designed to each person based on their specific needs. Following a home assessment, the low vision rehabilitation therapist will conduct the following:

  • Label appliances and other home essentials for easier identification
  • Implement strategies and techniques for how to live with low vision
  • Provide training on how to utilize low vision devices.
  • Provide resources to obtain a leader dog


Program Details

As your vision changes, your lifestyle may need to be adjusted to meet your needs. Proficiency in using low vision devices takes time and patience; our dedicated low vision rehabilitation therapist is trained to ensure that your rehabilitation has a positive impact on you and your loved ones.

We can help you adapt by providing assistance through our licensed vision rehabilitation therapist. Those who qualify must be:

  • Age 18 or older
  • Have documented vision loss
  • A resident of Northern or Central Illinois