O&M Training

Orientation & Mobility training is the process of teaching individuals with vision loss how to safely commute to the desired location or navigate through their home.

Orientation refers to knowing where you are and where you want to go. Mobility refers to the ability to safely and effectively navigate from one place to another without falling or tripping.

Training is free for qualified individuals.

O&M Assessment

Orientation & Mobility training is designed to enhance your quality life by teaching the necessary techniques to gain freedom. Whether it be navigating your home, commuting to work, or grocery shopping, one of our certified trainers will teach you how to get there. Based on your individualized needs, the O&M trainer may:

  • Evaluate your current orientation and mobility skills
  • Assess your needs and goals
  • Train you how to utilize various white cane techniques for different environments
  • Teach you the proper care and use of white cane