Technology Training

Technology Assessment

Our technology training program provides a comprehensive and personalized assessment of an individual’s current technological skills, abilities, and needs. These services are to help a person with low vision or blindness build the necessary technology skills to enter the job force, retain their current job, or receive higher education.

  • Acquire individual’s background information and needs
  • Assess current skills and abilities
  • Evaluate work environment
  • Create personalized training plan
  • Follow-up with monthly progress reports

Technology Training

Access Technology

  • Microsoft Office & Google Suite
  • Android & iOS phones or tablets
  • Accessibility Programs & Settings
  • Screen readers & magnifiers
  • Notetakers & keyboarding

Assistive Technology

  • Closed-circuit television magnifiers
  • Portable electronic magnifiers
  • Big button telephone
  • Talking book player
  • DAISY¬†media player