Give a Gift

  • Your contributions ensure that patients receive comprehensive care from our specialized experts.
  • You enhance the quality of life for the people in your community.
  • You help those with vision or hearing loss live an independent lifestyle.
  • You help us launch new programs and services that provide individualized solutions for our patients and clients.
  • Your contributions qualify for a tax deduction.


  • Giving someone the chance to continue reading using an electronic magnifier or specialized reading glasses.
  • Helping a child hear their loved one’s voices for the first time.
  • Providing someone the training to receive a Leader Dog.
  • Furnishing someone with vision aids to help them drive.
  • Helping a person with vision loss regain their confidence.
  • Granting someone technology to enjoy things they love.
  • Providing an environment where those with hearing or vision loss feel safe.

Types of Gifts