CSH Now Offers Orientation & Mobility Training

As a part of our vision clinic and services expansion, we are adding more services to accommodate to those living with low vision. We are now offering Orientation & Mobility training by our certified instructor, Sean Johnson and Noah Tavor.

O&M training teaches those with low vision or blindness how to use a white cane to travel effectively and safely. Orientation refers to knowing exactly where one is and where to go. Mobility refers to the ability to safely and effectively navigate from one place to another.

CSH is the leading organization to provide O&M training, as well as the primary source for low vision education, testing, and rehabilitation in northern Illinois.

We strive to ensure that every client and patient has access to the proper resources and training to live comfortably and independently. O&M training is one of the many new services we will offer for low vision patients as we expand our Vision Clinic. We will soon offer low vision occupational therapy and professional clinical counseling to provide emotional comforting for those experiencing vision or hearing loss.

Click here for more details on Orientation and Mobility training.

Written by Tayler Brantley on March 20, 2018

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