Maureen Koch, MSL

As president of the Center for Sight & Hearing, Maureen Koch leads the team of specialized experts to fulfill the Center's mission and strategic goals through her extensive background in business development, healthcare, and nonprofit management. Maureen is a member of the Rockford Noon Lions, the District 1-D Cabinet, and serves on the Adult Low Vision Committee with the Lions of Illinois Foundation. In addition, she belongs to VisionServe Alliance, a national leadership coalition for organizations who serve the blind, and has held various board and volunteer positions in the community. Maureen earned a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Beloit College in Wisconsin and a Master of Studies in Law from Champlain College in Vermont. She is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa national honor society and a Lions of Illinois Foundation Fellow.

Brenda Juhlin

Administrative Director
Born and raised right here in Rockford Illinois, Brenda Juhlin has worked in healthcare administration for the last twenty years. As the Center’s Administrative Director, Brenda makes sure the gears of the center are grinding harmoniously. “My day to day is never the same!” says Brenda. “I make sure all the provider’s credentialing is current, support the president and board, coordinate fundraising efforts, and make sure the Center is functioning at the highest possible level.” But ensuring the maintenance of proper credentialing and licensure isn’t the only thing Brenda does for fun. A true animal lover, Brenda has participated in dog shows since high school. She and her Corgi Winston do shows all over the country and have even received the PACH award in agility. Brenda also enjoys riding horses and listening to music.
Anthony Mirabile

Anthony Mirabile, MISM/IT

Director of Information Technology
Anthony Mirabile joined the Center for Sight & Hearing in 1997 as an Assistive Technology Specialist to provide technology assessments & computer and portable device training. His transition into Information Technology Director brought forth the need to evolve and embrace the digital age. Anthony’s passion for technology manifested into managing CSH's IT infrastructure. Today CSH embodies a well-established ecosystem of technology, including electronic records management, up-to-date security measures across all platforms, and a web & social media strategy.

Hearing Team

Dr. Trish Patterson, AuD, CCC-A

Audiologist & Hearing Clinic Director
Dr. Trish Patterson, AuD, CCC-A, is our hearing clinic director! She has a doctorate in Audiology from Northern Illinois University and has been practicing for nine years. Her interest in the subject started young. “Growing up my cousin struggled with hearing loss,” says Dr. Patterson, “but it was never really addressed in my household. That’s what inspired me to pursue audiology, a desire to help bring better hearing to my cousin and others like them.” Dr. Patterson believes that the right hearing care can have massive benefits. “I’ve seen patients go from nonverbal and completely shut down to vibrant, social, and full of life. It’s so satisfying to know your work has had that kind of impact on someone.” When she’s not in the hearing booth you can find Dr. Patterson hiking, gardening, or doing yoga, which she practices daily.

Jenn Grewer, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist
Jenn Grewer discusses a memorable patient story that shows just how powerful the right hearing aid can be: " I had a patient a few years ago that had a profound hearing loss. His current hearing aids were outdated and just not working for him. Even with his aids, he struggled on a daily basis. We were able to fit him with new hearing aids. The first time he put the new aids in his ears he looked at me, looked at his wife, and started to cry. He said he used to hang his head in the mornings when he put his old hearing aids in because he knew they weren’t going to do much for him. He hugged me and thanked me for helping him with better hearing." Impacting a patient's life like that is why Jenn treats all her patients as if they were a loved one. Jenn has a B.S. in business administration from UW Oshkosh and is a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Dr. Emelina Johnson, AuD

Dr. Emelina Johnson talks about what inspired her to pursue the field of Audiology. "I am a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults), so I grew up in two communities: the hearing community and the Deaf community. I learned a lot about Deaf culture, and, as I got older, I learned more about how technology is changing people's views on the Deaf community. I decided to become an audiologist to advocate for the Deaf, educate parents and patients about the culture, and give them more options than they are given now." Dr. Johnson strongly believes in patient-centered care. "Whenever I do a hearing aid evaluation I like to make sure the hearing aids fit into a person’s life, instead of them making huge adjustments for the hearing aids." Dr. Johnson has a B.S. in Communicative Disorders and a Doctorate in Audiology from NIU.

Vision Team

Dr. Amber Naqvi, OD

Optometrist & Vision Clinic Director
"Optometry allows me to make a difference in the lives of others by immediately helping patients with glasses, contacts, low vision aids, vision rehabilitation, and/or medical therapy. I love interacting with my patients whether I am seeing them for the first time or following up for a yearly eye exam." Dr. Naqvi notes every patient is different. The goal of each eye exam is to address any patient concerns, while also maintaining the highest standard of eye care possible. Since receiving her Doctor of Optometry in 2016 from the New England College of Optometry, Dr. Naqvi has gleaned experience from clinical settings around the world while working with World Without Barriers and in standard eye clinic settings in New York and California.

Tamerit Brunson, MSEd, VRT

Vision Rehabilitation Specialist
I started my career in vocational rehabilitation working with clients who had severe mental health concerns find employment opportunities. I branched out and focused my career on strictly mental health counseling, with an emphasis in crisis intervention. I have always enjoyed working with people. I decided to change career paths and join the vision field when my cousin lost her sight due to complications from diabetes. I observed the role vision professionals had in my cousin’s life and decided that was something I wanted to pursue. A career helping people maintain their independence.

Beth Ruddock, MSEd, VRT

Vision Rehabilitation Specialist
Beth chose the field of Vision Rehabilitation because of her passion for working with adults and making people’s lives better. “I found there are fewer programs available for adults with disabilities,” says Beth, “and I wanted to help that population.” Beth can help her clients live independently by teaching them daily living skills, showing them assistive technology, and even providing “white cane” training. Beth always treats her patients as if they were her own family, saying “I’m patient and enjoy educating clients on ways to be independent while living with their vision loss.” When she’s not working, Beth enjoys dance in a variety of styles, jewelry making, sculpting, and the theater.

Dr. Connie Copeland, OD, PhD

Coming Soon | Optometrist

Monica Vandeven, MSEd, COMS

Vision Rehabilitation Specialist
Monica's interest in Vision Rehabilitation was inspired by her appreciation for helping others and a belief that working toward independence provides self-determination. Through assessment, observation, and conversation, her aim is to customize every client's training and work toward their independence. "It's important to treat every client as an individual," says Monica. "I make sure to understand every client's learning style personal definition of independence, and overall goals so I can better serve them." Monica has a BA in Sociology from DePaul University and a Master of Special Education in Orientation and Mobility and Vision Rehabilitation Therapy from Northern Illinois University. When no working, she enjoys birding with her husband, hand building ceramics, bicycling, and traveling.